Kartel's Assets Seized by Cops

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The legal woes of popular entertainer Vybz Kartel continues. The self proclaimed "Worl Boss" has had some of his assets seized by the Police. According to reports, the DJ, who remains behind bars on two murder charges, had his assets seized shortly after he was arrested. Some of the items taken during the seizure include his popular 2010 Mercedes Benz s-class which is valued at over $20million and a laptop containing music related projects and documentation regarding his properties. The confiscated items are now being stored at the Police Commissioners Office in St Andrew. 

The seizures took place following the newly passed "Proceeds of Crime Act" which allows police and law enforcers to seize properties if there are discrepancies in how they were obtained. Once that transpires, the person whose assets are seized will have to show evidence that they acquired those valuables legally.

Kartel is set to return to court on February 1, 2012.