I-Octane bottled at show in Sav

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There are conflicting reports as to what exactly caused a bottle-throwing incident at Sunday's Western Kite Festival held at Mannings School in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. The event featured I-Octane, Romain Virgo and Popcaan. Reports from persons who attended the event that I-Octane worked for 10 minutes, had issues with the fact that he could not get a "dark segment" flung the mic on stage and left prematurely. According to the promoter, as soon as I-Octane made it clear that he was leaving, the bottles started raining on stage. "I was even told that one of the bottles hit him," she told Yardflex. "Yes, there was a sound problem and we explained that to him from he entered the venue. Popcaan worked around it and do too did Romaine Virgo. Everything went smooth until I-Octane entered the stage. He was the one who started talking about bottles by telling the people that "this selector come in like him need a bottle". But instead of the crowd bottling the selector, they bottled the artiste," the promoter said. However, according to I-Octane, in an interview with The Star, "You have some youth a record di ting and mi a ask dem fi dim the light so mi can see wah a gwaan inna di crowd. Mi neva like the energy weh dem a come off wid. Mi ask fi di dark segment and it seem like dem man ya have some personal vibe." I-Octane said the audience pleaded with the cameramen to turn off the light but they didn't. "Me is a man weh nuh just walk off a stage so but the tone mi neva like it. True dem vibe mi neva waan turn mi back and sup'm go gwaan. Mi just seh to dem seh since unuh nuh waan hear wah mi a seh mi a seh unuh work then. Di crowd get vex wid dem and start fling bottle," he said. The artiste said he was already on his way out of the venue when the incident took place, as the patrons realised that he was not returning.
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