Freddie McGregor will not be on Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

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Despite being advertised on this year's Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, reggae singer, Freddie McGregor, told YardFlex that he will not be performing at the event. "I will not be performing again," the singer declared. He stated that he is dissatisfied with some of the arrangements as it relates to the reggae artistes and the celebration of Jamaica's jubilee. As a result, McGregor has decided not to perform on the festival. Freddie McGregor was scheduled to perform on the Thursday night, January 26, which is dedicated to the celebration of Jamaica music 50th anniversary and while he says he felt honoured to be chosen, he is concerned that those who are equally deserving have been left off. "I read where the organizers said they could not find singers such as Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Bunny Wailer, Mighty Diamonds and Derrick Morgan. I can tell you that that is a joke. All those artistes are laughing," McGregor said. He noted that he demanded to be treated with a certain level of respect and he did not feel that this was being shown to neither him nor the other Jamaica 50 artistes. "I am an international ambassador rooting for my country and reggae music. I have done festivals all over the world and treated like an international act. However, here in the land of reggae, we are being treated like second class citizens on this festival. For example, the 'local' acts have not even been given a deposit as yet. And, the pay being offered is the lowest that I would have ever received for a festival," McGregor explained. He emphasized, however, that it was not about the money as he would "do the festival for free". "It's about the organisers showing respect and ensuring that the reggae artistes feel that they are being treated with the same amount of consideration as the overseas acts. The captain of the Big Ship said he has made his position clear to the organizers, the Art of Music Promotions. "At the end of the day it's not about them, it's about Jamaica and reggae music. I couldn't go on stage and give a good performance feeling the way I do," Freddie McGregor said.

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