Beenie Man speaks out about Sting

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The Doctor Beenie Man came under much scrutiny after it was reported that he had turned up to Sting 2011 but had backed out of clashing rival Bounty Killer at the last minute. 

Beenie Man had initially insisted that he would not perform at Sting until Promoter Isaiah Laing apologized for comments made about him in 2010. On the night of Sting 2011, in a radio interview, Beenie Man told fans that he would indeed be at Sting.

In a radio interview yesterday, Beenie Man stated that he went to the venue and that if Isaiah Laing had approached him there, he would have considered performing. Beenie Man also stated that he would have clashed Bounty Killer if he had called him out by name. 

Beenie said he was fully prepared to clash Killa had Laing negotiated a deal then and there as he had his red suit waiting in the bus to go on the stage.

The artiste said that he kept his word to his fans that he would not perform and that he is ok with that decision.