Vaz under fire for 'pretty woman' talk


A number of women's organisations have blasted recent statements made on the campaign trail on the weekend by Darly Vaz, the West Portland candidate for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). In a release on Wednesday [December 21], the women's groups described the utterances from the JLP platform as demeaning. They also say they undermine Jamaican women. The groups said they have noted, with disgust, recent statements in the print and electronic media attributed to Mr. Vaz and other top JLP leaders concerning the participation of women in the 2011 general election. They say the statements coming from the JLP platform suggest that women candidates are not celebrated for their intelligence but only valued for their looks, and are valued primarily as objects of men's love, without a focus on their multiple competencies. These, they say, include strong management and leadership skills, as well as commitment to their families. They argued that the language used suggests that women have been selected by the JLP solely for their physical attributes, and as a strategy to pull the female vote to the party. This, they say, is demeaning to female candidates, and to all Jamaican women. Vaz and other leaders of the party were speaking at a meeting in St Elizabeth, on the weekend.
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