Traditional & Tasty Jamaican Christmas Recipes

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xmas recipe.jpg It is that time of year again; and as Jamaican households prepare for the festive celebrations of Christmas, the kitchens invariably harbor a lingering and pleasant scent of sugar and spice and everything nice. The food part of Christmas is oh so important and getting the flavors just right is an art envied by many, but the final products are always enjoyed by all. There are Christmas 'food customs' that are strictly adhered to as the season springs, and this tradition of fixing plenty food with beverages to match, follows Jamaicans wherever their chosen adventurous roads lead them, throughout the world. Christmas is not a one day celebration in Jamaica, as the yuletide spirit starts at the top of December and lingers through till the first week of January, with non-stop rolling out of delectable eats. Sharing the tasty dishes with friends and neighbors is a must and some folk look at it as showing off the culinary expertise of each household in a pleasant and joyful way. There has been an unspoken rule however, when it comes to the Jamaican Christmas cake. Everyone bakes the same kind of cake, but no-one likes to pass the recipe on. All Christmas cake bakers tend to like their own unique flavor, but that buck stops here this year.
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