The 'other' Damion Crawford works at the CVSS and is on leave

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Mystery candidate, Damion O. Crawford is now on leave from his job at the Council of Voluntary Social Services, CVSS, on Tower Street in downtown Kingston. Crawford has been facing a firestorm of criticism ever since he mysteriously turned up at the polling station last week and registered to contest the December 29 general elections against the PNP's Damion O. Crawford and the JLP's Joan Gordon-Webley. Known loosely as 'the other Damion Crawford', the young man is currently employed to the CVSS, but is on leave until January 2012. It is said that Crawford suffers from epilepsy (fits) and is subject to severe seizures. "Sometimes when he comes out of them he can't even remember his own name or where he lives in the lane." The source confirmed that Crawford does have a Bachelors degree, "but he is not pursuing a Masters". "He is a poor youth who just wants to go back into obscurity. He didn't think about this and clearly whoever put him up to it didn't realize that there would be such repercussions. They even created a Facebook page that he knew nothing about and then said it was "other persons". It is a mess. He doesn't want to see it through to the end, but he is terrified of what could happen if he decides that he is going to withdraw," the source said.
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