RJR/TVJ/Boxill Poll - JLP/PNP in dead heat

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As Jamaicans get ready to go to the polls in another 72 hours to elect a new government, the Jamaica Labour Party and the Peoples National Party are locked in a near dead heat in their favourability rating. That's the findings of the latest RJR/TVJ/Boxill Poll.We asked 1482 enumerated Jamaicans in 216 communities to rate the parties. 47 percent of the respondents had a favourable view of the JLP...this compares to the 44 point 7 percent for the PNP. But with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent, both parties could actually be dead even. This latest poll was conducted between December 21 and 24 and the result differs mildly from the similar poll we did two weeks earlier on December 10. At that time 46 percent had a favourable view of the JLP and 43 point 8 percent for the PNP. both parties grew by a percentage point. On the flip side...fewer persons now have an unfavourable view of the JLP. 44 percent sees the JLP as unfavourable compared to 45 percent earlier in December. The figures for the PNP hardly budged with 46 point 9 percent now and 47 percent on December 10. So which party do Jamaicans trust more? The parties were even at 41 percent in the December 10 poll. They both gained the trust from more people this time around...albeit a small increase. The JLP is ahead with 43 point 6 percent with the PNP closely behind with 42 point percent. Meanwhile, 3 point 2 percent of those we poll said there no difference , while close to 11 percent didn't or didn't respond.
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