Political parties to wind down campaign activities

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The country's political parties are on Monday morning preparing for the final week of active campaigning for the December 29 General Election. Campaign activities will start winding down between Thursday and Friday ahead of Christmas celebrations. This follows several weeks of tours, public meetings and door to door campaigning by candidates in the 63 constituencies. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) says its team campaign will end on Thursday night. Karl Samuda, Campaign Director, told RJR News that the final event will be a public meeting in St. James. "Our campaign essentially ends on the 22nd when we have a wrap up meeting in Montego Bay. Although the 23rd is a day on which activities can take place that kind of activity you will find will more relate to minor tours if there are any but essentially our campaign comes to an end on the night of the 22nd," Mr. Samuda said. And, the People's National Party (PNP) says its campaign machinery will remain in high gear until Friday.
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