Murder Postpones Spanish Town Tree-Lighting Ceremony

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The St. Catherine Parish Council postponed its tree-lighting ceremony this evening after a man was killed in Spanish Town. "I was in Spanish Town, when I received information that gunmen killed a man on Hanover Street and were moving about with guns," Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Mayor of Spanish Town said. He said the police advised that the lighting ceremony be postponed. The Gleaner also understands that the police killed the man who was involved in the shooting. Elsewhere investigators were kept very busy in the St. Catherine North Division, with four murders within a 24-hour period. A man known as "Movie Star" was shot and killed in Sydenham, Spanish Town St. Catherine today. Police reports are that residents reportedly heard explosions. "Movie Star" was then found suffering from gunshot wounds. His murder followed the killings of Alecia Grant, 24 and Gladston Stone 17, both of 97 St. Johns Road this morning. Dave Thomas, 45, otherwise called Bumpy was shot and killed about 9:00 pm on Wednesday at the intersection of French and Manchester Street. "He was shot and injured earlier this year when two sisters were shot and killed while vending at the same spot by gunmen," a policeman said.
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