Jamaica 50 Celebrations Blast Off On New Year's Day

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Plans for the country's 50th anniversary celebrations next year are well advanced, with the activities set to begin on January 1, with fireworks on the waterfront, downtown Kingston, and at various locations across the island. The celebrations, with the slogan 'Jamaica 50: Feel the heart and soul of a nation', will culminate in a similar manner on December 31, 2012. Jamaica 50 is being led by a National Planning Committee, chaired by Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange, with membership from various sectors, including culture, tourism and other government groups; the Opposition, the private sector, youth organisations; religious and civic groups and other sectors. The committee is supported by the Jamaica 50 Secretariat, which is co-ordinating and implementing the programme of activities. Salmon said a series of entertainment activities would take place at the waterfront event, including a praise and worship session at midnight. He pointed out that the main highlights of the year-long celebrations will be in August 2012, the month Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain in 1962.
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