How you babyfada a diss you so Lattie?

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Bwoy Lattie, how dem a style you up so and have you pon video a clean rifle and all dem things. My girl, it doan look good. Your baby fada with the comic book name is a ole wicked. Him shouldn't use you phone and video you like that and then press send. Cause a nuff beaten and bad treatment you get from him, so if you find a next man a no nutten. If the popular entertainer a hol' you right you baby fada fi ease off and low you. Is not like you a cheat pon him. Police fi go fi him right uppa Papine or Stony Hill and lock him up. My girl, you cyaan so fraid a him that you all a talk bout go back to him. Not after him hold you at gunpoint and mek you perform oral sex, then use you Blackberry and send it out to all a you friend dem. You shoulda did use him owna video equipment and videotape him a perform oral sex pon you and youchube it. By the way, we no did hear say him did sick bad bad wha day. A wha really do him? A who pay him a visit? Anyway Lattie, better you than we. We glad say at least one of the entertainer still a hol' you, even if the next Rasta one with him mouth always full of white squall, read up the play and never bother tek you pon him Caribbean tour.
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