High voter turnout in Portmore In Portmore

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St Catherine voters of the two major political parties turned out in their numbers to cast their ballots at the more than 300 polling stations covering the three constituencies. In the South St Catherine constituency where the incumbent PNP candidate Fitz Jackson is being challenged by the JLP's Keith Hinds, voters streamed in and out of the 122 polling divisions from early this morning. Election officials report that the process went smoothly throughout the day with minor glitches. Some complained that they were barred from voting because their names were not on the presiding officer's list. Voter turn out was heavy at the Braeton Primary and Junior School and the Ascott High School in the constituency. RJR News caught up with Mr Hinds and Mr Jackson and both expressed confidence of victory. Mr Hinds argued that the redrawing of the boundary of the constituency gives him a chance of victory. Mr Jackson dismissed his claim and countered that he will be returned as MP. Voters also turned out in their numbers to cast their ballots in the newly created East Central St Catherine constituency where the PNP's Arnaldo Brown is battling the JLP's Camille Buchanan. Ms Buchanan was confident she would be the new MP when the polls close. In the South East St Catherine constituency where the PNP's Colin Fagan is up against the JLP's Keith Blake, there was a high voter turn out. Throughout the day, there were scenes of friendly embrace between supporters of the two main parties in the three constituencies
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