Former PM supports opposition leader

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Former Prime Minister and People's National Party President, P.J. Patterson, has come out in defence of PNP leader, Portia Simpson Miller's plans for providing jobs for thousands of unemployed Jamaicans. Mrs Simpson-Miller has come under fire since her announcement of the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme-JEEP. The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) says JEEP is similar to the PNP's 'crash programme' established by the Manley Government in the 1970's. Mr. Patterson who has been providing major support on the PNP's campaign trail over the past few weeks says contrary to what some critics are saying, the much touted (JEEP) is not intended to be a long term project. "We are going to insert projects which are vital to the country but offer high levels of providing jobs, it is an emergency programme, it is not intended to be a permanent solution for unemployment....." said Mr Patterson. He said the project is Mrs. Simpson's Miller direct response to the job crisis. In his address to a crowd of party supporters at the PNP's political meeting in Naggo Head, St. Catherine, on Thursday Mr. Patterson argued that Jamaicans want a government they can trust. The former PNP President who also highlighted what he described as the open display of partisan politics at a road work project. called for a government that is participatory and inclusive.
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