Entertainers on the campaign trail

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Entertainers on the PNP campaign trail
Freddie McGregor,  Tarrus Riley, Duane Stephenson, Etana and Ce'cile were among the reggae/dancehall artistes who performed at a wrap-up campaign and concert staged by the Peoples National Party on Tuesday night.
Clearly showing their solidarity and not just doing a job, the artistes selected songs from their repertoire which were most befitting of the occasion to strengthen PNP party leader Portia Simpson Miller. At the end of his performance, veteran Freddie McGregor, who represented Big Ship, had kind words of encouragement for Mama P. The las' lap was aired live on CVM TV  and also included an impassioned speech from Mrs Simpson Miller.
Tarrus Riley sang his blockbuster hit She's Royal, with new meaning and also scored bulls eye with Congagious, and of course, the popular Lion Paw, for which the crowd of PNP supporters added their voices as if singing on a mass choir. 
"No evil can bring me harm, tell them to go back where they came from; No demonic works performed can prosper; I tell the obeah and science man calm, cause dem cyaan touch di lion paw:"
Declaring, "A woman time now, you see it. Where are all my independent ladies I want oonu mek some noise," female artiste Ce'cile took the mic from Tarrus and did her thing. Her performance came after Etana and Duane Stephenson's, two of the acts who were fully dressed in PNP red. 
For her part, party leader Portia Simpson Miller looked overwhelmed as Tarrus led the crowd in singing She's Royal. Like  a true debater who is ready to give the summation, the PNP leader quoted from party founder, Norman Manley and noted that, "Thursday will be a defining day in the history of Jamaica and the Jamaican people
"I implore you to vote for a government you can trust, a leader with experience - both local and international, rather than someone who needs a learning curve. We have a  blend of wisdom, experience, youth, brilliance, energy and  fresh thinking," Simpson Miller said.
She added, "The bell can take you nowhere, the only thing u can do with a bell is ring it - your head can take you wherever you want to go in life," the woman who hopes to be the Prime Minister of Jamaica for the second time around stated. 
Even before she said it, everyone could hear the words, "Put your 'X' beside the head."
The clock is ticking away to Thursday December 29, 2011. 
As the PNP infectious ad says, "Turn up di ting!"
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