Election Pushes Back New School Term

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The reopening of school for the Easter term has been pushed back by almost a week, due to the general election. The date for the resumption, which was originally scheduled for January 3, is now set for January 9. Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Grace McLean said the delay would not affect students, as plans have been put in place to accommodate them for the stipulated time for the school year. The Education Regulation mandates that students should be given 190 days for the school year. "The election will be the 29th and most of the schools are going to be used and we can't say if everything is going to be restored for school to begin on the 3rd, so we tried to identify within the school year, those four days that we had for the Easter term so we have actually placed them elsewhere on the school calendar so that we will still maintain the 190 days," McLean said.
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