Clansman gang member shot by police

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Four days after notorious break away member of the Clansman Gang Navardo Hodges was beheaded in St. Catherine one of his cronies was on Sunday morning shot and injured by police, on March Pen Road in St. Catherine. It's reported about 10 o'clock police received reports of strange men in the area and went in search of them. Reports are that after the police entered the area the man was shot. He is 23 year old Anthony Richards otherwise called "Ganja." He was wanted by the police for a string of murders, he was wanted for the death of a business man at a car wash in November. Richards and Hodges reportedly became close allies when they broke away from the Clansman gang. On Wednesday, Reputed gang leader, Navardo Hodges, also known as DJ, was found dead this morning in Spanish Town. Hodges' head was found in one location before what is believed to be his torso was discovered in another section of the town.
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