Casper Smart On Relationship With J.Lo: Why Do People Care?

Jennifer Lopez's new boyfriend took some time off of his Moroccan trip with the star to take to Twitter and discuss their relationship. Smart says he finds people's discussion of his romance with Jennifer Lopez confusing. He Tweeted: "I don't understand how people can speak on other people or things they know nothing of??!!! #CRAZY."'s why. Because it's J.Lo, man! Have you heard? People love J.Lo. And the only thing people love more than J.Lo is J.Lo's love life. But he's not letting the Hollywood chatter overwhelm him. He added: "Off to Morocco!!!!" And yes, it needed that many exclamation points. Actually, Casper Smart doesn't mind people "speaking on other people or things they know nothing of," as long as those people are speaking favorably. He's retweeted a couple of Tweets from J.Lo fans. For example, @Prettyboymiguel wrote: "I think @Caspersmart and @JLo make a really good couple but you know everyones gonna hate cuz when your happy or successful ppl have to hate. Why are ppl judging @Caspersmart no 1 knows how long @JLo was separated be4 she announced the divorce ppl need 2 stop being so quick 2 judge." A pal of Jennifer's says that the relationship is still very young, and right now, Lopez isn't taking it too seriously. "Casper said J.Lo has an amazing body and she's in better shape than any other girl he's ever been with. He said she's got the body of a 20-year-old." Yeah, you can't argue with that. Recently, Britney Spears praised J.Lo's looks, saying: "Jennifer Lopez is my idol, she's so beautiful and even though she's gotten older, she hasn't aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that." Yes, forget all of J.Lo's career highlights, the most admirable thing she's done in this industry is stay attractive. The source continues of Lopez's relationship with Smart: "They're inseparable right now. It's just about sex - and no one's sure if it has much of a future. But he's having a good time finding out." Well, it's at least a little bit more than sex. Casper has been hanging out with Jennifer's twins, Max and Emme. He was first photographed leaving a Los Angeles studio along with the famous family, and then they all spent time playing together in Hawaii.
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