Beenie will not do Boxing Day show unless Laing apologises

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International dancehall star Beenie Man is ticked off at the organisers of the annual Sting concert and has announced publicly via a statement to the press that he will not be doing the show this year unless he gets "an explanation" regarding disparaging remarks made by Isaiah Laing during a TV interview few weeks ago. "How (Isaiah) Laing fi go pon TV and mek dem speech de say we ah old artistes and caan do nothing fi him show? Him no respect the dancehall veterans who help to build the industry in no way. Every year, him attempt fi disrespect we in some way, and mi not doing Sting this year unless Laing come explain to me what him mean by 'old artiste'. If Bounty waan a clash, him haffi link me at some other show," Beenie Man said in a statement. Laing is the CEO of Supreme Promotions, the company which hosts the Sting concert each year. Beenie Man also revealed that in the wake of Laing's interview, he was approached by both Elephant Man and Bounty Killer to do a show which they would organize. "Killer and Ele come to me up at Suzie's and say which part we ah go keep our show. Mi check it out and did a plan fi use Jamalco inna Clarendon and do the show on December 31st. And now mi hear Killer ah say mi a run from clash but mi fraida Killer, mi nah run, and mi will clash him at another show apart from Sting. Killer bow too much, look how easy him mek Laing bring him in and ah use him fi bring mi in," Beenie Man said. Beenie Man explained that he is not attempting to fight against the Sting concert which is held on Boxing Day in Jamworld in Portmore. "Sting is a good show and we need it fi continue fi help buss the next generation of artistes, but mi just no like how dem treat the artistes who inna the industry. Look how me and Killer ah do clash song and ah build a vibes and him come pon TV and just kill the clash song dem right inna the middle of the promotion, and den him ah come draw back fi we after him dun diss we. Mi caan deal wid it no more," Beenie Man said. Beenie Man left the island on Wednesday to do a two week European tour. The official launch of the Sting concert was held at the Wyndham Hotel on Wednesday.
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