Barred attorney caught practising law

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A St. Elizabeth based attorney, who was earlier this year barred from practicing, has found himself in more trouble. Conrod Powell, who was barred by the General Legal Council, has been taken into custody on a charge of fraudulent conversion. Powell is in custody at the Black River Police Lockup awaiting a court appearance. It is reported that prior to being disbarred, Mr. Powell was given $450,000 by a client to deal with a court matter. After it was revealed that the attorney was no longer authorised to practice the client allegedly tried to get back his money. However, after several failed attempts, a report was made to the Junction Police and following investigations Mr. Powell was taken into custody on the weekend and charged. Earlier this year Powell was found guilty of corruption charges in the May Pen Resident Magistrate's Court and fined $100,000. In that matter it was reported that he attempted to bribe a police officer with $20,000 to drop charges against two of his clients.
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