Audley Shaw gets bold on the campaign trail

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Sunday night in Manchester was the night for bold, peppery statements from Audley Shaw. According to Shaw's predictions, "Collin Virgo will retire Michael Peart in South Manchester because him tired and needs a little rest. Timothy Scarlet in North West Manchester is going to take care of little Peter Phillips (Mikael Phillips, son of PNP campaign director, Dr Peter Phillips). We gwine send him back to town to him daddy. "And when it comes to the little one from Central Manchester, you know who mi a talk, im so brite, him say him going to sue Man-A-Yard, and him call upon Man-A-Yard to resign. An a seh to him, a gwine to make Danville Walker pepper him," Shaw said. He continued, "And a seh to him tonight, him retired one time from South East Clarendon. And when Danville Walker done wid him, him going to retire permanently from politics. Because Danville Walker is going to give him a political castration that he will never, ever forget," Shaw told the labourites. Shaw also vowed to demolish Dr Peter Phillips in the upcoming national debates. "An Peter Phillips seh him want to debate mi, a caan wait to debate Peter Phillips. A gwine to fix him business. When I catch him, when de day come when you hear that Man-A-Yard to debate Peter Phillips, go home early. Get out yuh hot beer, get out yuh white rum an Pepsi, get out yuh cranberry juice, and watch Man-A-Yard tek out Peter Phillips," he said.
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