All systems go, tight security for 'Extravaganza'

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Show promoter GT Taylor has remained upbeat about this year's staging of the annual Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza. The Christmas Day event comes four days before the country goes to the poll to elect a new government and some are predicting that this will surely put a damper on the season's festivities. Although Taylor says he has some concerns, he emphasizes that the plusses outweigh the potential negatives. He is confident, for example, that all 40 acts will turn up to the Independence Park venue in Black River and deliver excellent performances. Taylor is almost bursting with enthusiasm about the high production quality of the show and the newly-introduced 'Party Zone'. He is happy with the unwavering commitment of the sponsors and, as a result, has been able to keep ticket prices 'reasonable'. "Currently we are looking into starting rehearsals and production manager Worrell King is expertly overseeing that aspect of the show," GT said. He added,"We are a bit excited about the Party Zone concept which will see us creating a dancefloor with a disco in the middle of the park. This will provide an option for those who prefer to chill out near a bar and just listen to music. Based on our observations over the years, we took a decision to experiment with this concept and depending on the response we will know whether or not to make a regular feature of Extravaganza." But is the promoter experiencing any nervousness with regard to the event being so close to Elections? "Initially, we were very concerned. We had been hoping for more breathing space, but we have accepted the things we cannot change and have moved full speed ahead with our plans. The bottom line is that it is Christmas and elections or no elections, people will want somewhere to go and enjoy themselves. Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza will be that perfect place," the Dancehall Master declared. Security tight Taylor also emphasized that security will be tight and that there will be adequate and safe parking for all patrons.. He noted that the police in Black River, under the supervision of Superintendent Robinson, have given the assurance that patrons will be able to come out and enjoy the event without fear. In an interview, Superintendent Robinson stated: "This is an annual event, which is always very well organized. Mr Taylor has always complied with our suggestions and we have never had any negative report. This year, we expect the same professionalism that we are used to." The Supe added, "Our only little concern is the elections, but we think that this event will actually unite the people. The people this side are hungry for entertainment and they know how to have a good time. We anticipate that it will be another incident-free event, but at the same time we are well prepared for the unexpected." Asked if he personally will be present, Superintendent Robinson admitted that he doesn't usually attend functions on Christmas Day. However, he noted that this year "things could be a little different. You could very well see me there". Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza takes place on December 25 at Independence Park, Black River, St Elizabeth. Among the artistes on the lineup are Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Coco Tea, John Holt, Romain Virgo, Khago, Hezron, Chuck Fenda, Twin of Twins, Wayne Marshall, Iley Dread, Lutan Fyah, Professor Nuts, Warrior King, Villa Dutch, Specialist and a host of others. Leading the charge for the females will be Spice, Macka Diamond, D'Angel and Toya. Sponsors of the event include Jagra, Irie FM, CVM, On Stage, Zip FM, Linkz FM, Downsound Records, Five Star Recording, Best of Jamaica TV, Spendless Night Club, Allen's Texaco, Lynch Auto Parts, Ward's Power Tools and Supplies, Bari Enterprise, Vision, Eezy Ice, Sealand Foods, Rum Cream, Red Label, Stone's Ginger Wine,, and Stampede Street Charts.
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