Guidance, Ico Flamez rocking Africa

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Reggae singer, Guidance and singjay Ico Flamez, are getting major attention with their collaboration, By The Window, which is # 13 on the highly recognized Stepping Razor chart in Africa and still climbing. Music insiders agree that these two Rastafarian artistes have surely done justice to this compelling love song, produced by Portmore-based producer, Shaka Indian. "It's really cool to see these two Rasta artistes sincerely pouring out their hearts about a woman," one radio disc jockey commented. Unfortunately, despite giving their all, the woman leaves and the artistes are in misery, sitting at the window, hoping that one day she will return. It's a theme which many persons - male and female - can identify with, and it's all the more inspiring that it's from a male perspective. Although Sitting By The Window is Guidance and Ico Flamez' only collaboration so far, they both have their solo repertoires which they have been unleashing at various stage shows across the island. They recently performed at the popular Plug 'n' Play at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston and also did a slot on morning television, both of which were very well received. "We are really happy and humbled at the way how things have been shaping up. Lots of respect to the management team and to the fans. We 'appreci-love' all the support and we will always take the higher ground. Motherland, here we come," declared Guidance, who is signed to Brown Brothers. With a video now ready, shows lined up for the festive season and an Africa tour on the horizon, both artistes preparing to savour the sweet taste of success.
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