Election date will be announced on Sunday

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Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) campaign director Karl Samuda has declared that Prime Minister Andrew Holness will this weekend in Mandeville, Manchester, definitely announce the date for the much-anticipated general election. "Make no mistake about it, the election date will be announced on Sunday in Mandeville by the prime minister," Samuda reportedly told Jamaica's daily newspaper, The Gleaner, yesterday. Scoffing at speculation that the party machinery was disorganised, the JLP campaign director suggested that the media had misread the signs and stressed that this was the first time the leadership of the JLP had unambiguously signalled the date would be announced. Asked whether he could definitively state that Holness was ready, Samuda seemed confident. "Yes, of course, the meeting is Sunday night, we certainly wouldn't be convening a meeting in Mandeville Square for just mere merriment." When pressed about lingering doubts in the public domain, Samuda said: "I just know that the prime minister, when he speaks, he is to be taken seriously and he has indicated to the nation that the next time he speaks on a platform at a mass meeting or public rally he will be indicating the date of the next election."
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