Colin Levy sings praises at celebration of HIM's crowning

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Last Wednesday, November 2, was the 81 anniversary of the crowning of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie and Twelve Tribes of Israel members around the globe held festive celebrations. In Toronto, the event saw both established artistes and upcoming acts paying tribute to the Emperor in song. And it would be fair to say that all the acts upheld the order and gave performances which befitted the occasion. Among the established acts was reggae singer, Colin Levy, aka Iley Dred, who used prayer and praises as the hallmark of his performance. The short Rastafarian, who always seems to grow in stature whenever he hits the stage, opened his set with a riveting prayer that paradoxically calmed and energized the gathering. Levy's five-song set proved to be way too short and included Forever Praising Jah; Toronto's favourite, Picture On The Wall; Rocky Road (Mighty Diamonds); Crown Her A Queen, from his upcoming album, Unleashed and his number 1 hit, Lovers Holiday. Other artistes who performed included Orthodox Issachar, one of the organizers and brother of Colin Levy; female acts Tanya P, Donna Makeda and Tasha T; Axe, Prince Everald and Treeson, an artiste to definitely watch out for.
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