Claro moves to evict dealers

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Claro dealers are on edge on Wednesday morning as plans are underway to evict them from a number of flagship stores across the island. A copy of a letter obtained by RJR News under the signature of Claro dealer development manager, Carlton Edwards, and its Chief Executive Officer Alejandro Gutierrez, is requesting that the dealers wind up operations by Thursday. The directive is as a result of what the Claro management described as the failure of the dealers to meet certain conditions. They include that the locations be adequately stocked with items such as SIM cards and handsets. The locations are also required to be open Monday to Saturday between the hours of eight in the morning to six in the evening. Dealers are also required to reimburse Claro for the monthly rental for each location and fulfill quotas in terms of revenue and activation targets. One dealer in question reportedly failed to adequately stock the location and meet targets. Claro noted that effective Thursday the locations in question are to be reassigned to other dealers, and urged them to make all the necessary arrangements for the smooth transition. However, a source close to the situation revealed that from as far back as July dealers were not receiving any handsets. At one point the dealers were left empty handed as they were not getting paper based phone cards. Earlier this year the Government approved the merger of Claro and its competitor Digicel. The process is still underway. However, the Claro dealers are not going down without a fight. The group has sought the assistance ofthe law firm Knight, Junor and Samuels to prevent Claro from carrying out its plan. Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, who is representing three of the claimants, filed an injunction in court on Tuesday preventing Claro or its agents from carrying out any eviction. Mr. Samuels is of the view that to give the dealers nine days' eviction notice is wrong.
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