All Gaza girls ...mind oonu deh pon Addie sex tapes! Oh!

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Gaza girls and Addie sex tapes Anyhow the Kartel sex tapes ever buss, some girl haffi turn rat and mek puss nyam dem. Cause all who did a wonder if Teacha have dem pon tape ... wonder no more. Oonu deh dere ... raw ... live and in living colour, a perform oonu antics like oonu a compete fi see who can be the Teacha's Pet. All Addie do, a set up the laptop and tun on di web cam and mek it gwaan film while oonu a flick and a carry on like say oonu a go-go and oonu mek fi tek hot rod. What a ting! All the poor police dem cyaan believe dem eyes. Oonu can imagine di pop dung and di bawling when dem yah tape yah start mek di rounds. Young girls, tek sleep and mark death! Stop cheapen oonuself and turn entertainer mattress. Oonu hafi respeck up oonu body more than that. Gaza to du flippin' werl!!!
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