2011 Caribbean HIV Conference November 18 - 21

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Nassau, The Bahamas: The 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference: Strengthening Evidence To Achieve Sustainable Action will sharpen the focus on HIV in the Caribbean, the region with the world's second highest adult HIV prevalence. In 2008, approximately 240,000 people in the region were living with HIV, 20,000 new infections occurred, and 12,000 deaths resulted from AIDS-related illnesses (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. Caribbean Factsheet: Latest epidemiological trends, 2009). Over the course of November 18-21, 2011, a wide range of Caribbean HIV stakeholders will assemble again to build on earlier successes and to demonstrate the synergistic results of regional cooperation and collaboration. The conference is expected to attract 2,000-2,500 participants and will highlight scientific research findings, implementation lessons learned, skills-building tools, and networking opportunities. The audience for the conference includes individuals living or working in the Caribbean, such as: people living with HIV members of vulnerable groups researchers and clinicians allied health care professionals caregivers patient advocates advocates for social justice and health parity members of community- and faith-based organizations regional and international governmental representatives policy analysts and decisionmakers civil society and regional media representatives The conference is sponsored by the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the University of Puerto Rico, and conference co-chairs are Professor Daisy M. Gely, Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico; Dr. Perry Gomez, Director, Bahamian National AIDS Programme, Princess Margaret Hospital; and Dr. Jack Whitescarver, NIH Associate Director for AIDS Research and Director, Office of AIDS Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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