Three fold rise being reported in cholera cases in Haiti

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The number of cholera cases in the Haitian capital has reportedly jumped about threefold in recent weeks.
Pascale Zintzen, the deputy head of mission for Doctors Without Borders, says the group's four treatment centers in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area have handled as many as 850 cases in a single week lately.
That compares with about 250 cases a week more than a month ago.     
The rise has largely been attributed to the second rainy season of the year, when showers and floods cause the waterborne disease to spread freely in the crowded and unsanitary capital.
Health care workers for Doctors Without Borders treated as many as4 thousand 600 patients in one week at its treatment centers in the Port-au-Prince area and about half that number in late May, when the year's first rainy season kicked in.
Despite the jump in cases, the weekly number is said to be far below what foreign aid groups saw in the initial peak last November after the disease surfaced a year ago.
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