JLP members in shock - Holness

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Despite being viewed as a top contender to replace Prime Minister Golding as Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Andrew Holness says it is too early to speak about the future leadership of the party.
According to Mr. Holness, there are processes for the JLP to decide on the way forward.
He disclosed that the JLP is still absorbing Mr. Golding's announcement not to seek re-election as Party Leader and to step down as Prime Minister.
"I think most persons are in shock by the announcement ... there is a process that the party will have to go through to ensure that it remains strong, that the delegates are informed about what has happened and that they understand what it means. It's very important to keep the delegates and the party support and to find mechanisms for their impressions to be heard," Mr. Holness said.
He added that the public will be kept in the loop on developments in the JLP.
"It is also important for the party to communicate with the public so that there's no uncertainty during this period of time. It is going to be a very involved process of managing a transition, if a transition is to occur," Mr. Holness stated.
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