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Reggae superstar Peter Tosh, born Winston Hubert McIntosh (19 October 1944 - 11 September 1987), was a core member of The Wailers.
He then went on to have a successful solo career as well as being a trailblazer for the Rastafari movement.
Peter Tosh was born in Petersfield (Westmoreland, Jamaica) with a father and mother too young to take care of him. He grew up raised by his aunt.
Nicknamed 'Stepping Razor', he began to sing and learn guitar at an early age, inspired by American radio stations.
After an illustrious career with The Wailers and as a solo musician, he was murdered at his home during a robbery.
The Wailers Years
Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston (Bunny Wailer), were driving forces behind the Wailers for most of the 1960s and early 1970s.
Tosh was the most controversial of the trio. He ruffled many a feather with his unapologetic stance on issues including black liberation and the legalisation of marijuana.
Legalise It, Equal Rights, Wanted Dread and Alive and Mama Africa contain some of Tosh's most potent work. His No Nuclear War album, released in the year of his death, won the 1988 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.
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