Famous women who have been cheated on

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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

If relationships aren't hard enough, an overactive libido can make them even harder, no pun intended. While both men and women are obviously capable of cheating, statistically, 22% of men admitted 
Uma Thurman

Uma Therman

to having sex outside of their marriage, while only 14% of women admitted to it. So let's be real, the dong is a sensitive organ.
When they're cheated on, some women choose to forgive the guy, some choose to forget about him. But almost all of them ask, "what's wrong with me?" The answer is, nothing. The penis wants what the penis wants and it usually wants everything. And just to prove that theory, here are some famous women who have been cheated on, despite having it all.
Sienna Miller: She was in a high profile relationship with Jude Law when news broke that the Brit was cheating with the nanny. Law admitted to it, and Sienna chose to forgive, but eventually their relationship crumbled. Men love cheating with nannies. You can't even hire an unattractive one and expect nothing to happen. She'll pull a Mildred Baena on your ass.
Eva Longoria: After rumors surfaced that Mr. Bean lookalike, Tony Parker, cheated on Eva, the two soon filed for divorce. Turns out the basketball player was cheating on a former teammates wife. Double douche.
Sandra Bullock: First of all, Sandra shouldn't have even been with Jesse James. She's an Oscar-winner, and he looks like he perpetually reeks of bacon. She's an A-list actress and he looks like an extra from Prison Break. She's one of the classiest--okay, you get the idea. James was rumored to have cheated on Sandra with a tatted up Kat Von D lookalike. Months later, he went from lookalike to the real thing. Now Jesse and Kat are on the outs, for like the third time this year. Actually, once this story is actually posted, they'll probably have gotten back together.
Reese Witherspoon: They're friends now, but Reese Witherspoon's marriage to Ryan Phillippe ended after he cheated on her with his co-star Abbie Cornish.
Elizabeth Hurley: This was the biggest WTF moment of 1995. Hugh Grant was caught soliciting Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown while he was dating longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley. And I know her name says otherwise, but she really wasn't all that divine. Elizabeth and Hugh stuck it out for a while, but a couple years later, it ended.
Halle Berry: Halle's ex-husband, Eric Benet, had a sex addiction. So it makes sense that he would try to control it by dating the hottest woman in Hollywood. But that still wasn't enough for the guy. He cheated, and Halle ditched him.
Uma Thurman: Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were the coolest couple of 1998. Until Ethan had an affair with their kid's nanny. I'm serious about the nanny thing. Raise your own kids, people!
Christie Brinkley: Not even being a supermodel gets you a "get out of cheating free" card. Christie Brinkley's ex, Pete Cook, met an 18 year-old who worked in a toy store. He was later caught in the act when a sex tape of the two surfaced. Talk about wanting to get caught.
Jennifer Aniston: We couldn't get through this list without mentioning the legendary split between Brad & Jen. While Brangelina were dry humping onscreen in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jen was at home, thinking he was you know, acting. That thing he does for a living. Turns out, Brad fell for Angelina and the rest his history.
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