Dubtonic Kru for Reggae Culture Salute in Brooklyn November 5

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November 5th marks the 7th staging of Reggae Culture Salute.
This year's show is a salute to the future of roots reggae and presents several artists that are among the finest in the business. The organizers, the Coalition to Preserve Reggae (CPR) are especially proud of introducing Dubtonic Kru to the northeast.
Earlier this year, Dubtonic Kru competed with over 4,000 bands of various genres worldwide and journeyed to Malaysia for the finals where they walked away as the champions of the world.
Many are calling Dubtonic Kru the "Usain Bolt" of roots reggae music and deservedly so. Their music reflects the positive vibration that endeared reggae music to its worldwide audience.
The event is very reasonably priced at only $15 and all proceeds benefit CPR.
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