Commentators rip into Prime Minister's speech

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Prime Minister Bruce Golding is facing criticism for his address to the nation on Sunday night [October 2] with some commentators stating that it did not go far enough in shedding light on his decision to step down as head of the government.       
During the eight minute speech Mr. Golding cited lingering public perceptions about his handling of the Manatt/Coke Affair as one of the reasons which led to his decision to step down.
He said the entire episode had affected him deeply.
Mr. Golding also said it was also time to make way for a younger generation to take up leadership.
But trade unionist and commentator, Helene Davis-White, says the Prime Minister's speech contained nothing new. Mrs. Davis-White said she expected Mr. Golding would have provided a more detailed explanation for his impending departure.
And Reverend Karl Johnson, General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union, said he expected more substance from the Prime Minister's address. He pointed to the manner in which Mr. Golding treated the Manatt/Coke Affair in his speech.
 "How I heard the Prime Minister is almost to say I have been the sacrificial lamb for standing up for principles which suggest to me that even the apology he made is now again brought into question. I think he hasn't gotten it, he hasn't gotten it that it would have had to taken somebody who would have been a political neophyte to have not known that to impose yourself in matter of that nature would have justly left a scar," Reverend Johnson said.
Meanwhile, the People's National Party has also been critical of Mr. Golding's speech.
According to Peter Bunting, General Secretary of the PNP, the Prime Minister did not show much remorse for the Manatt/Coke Affair.
 "The truth is that the Prime Minister had to resign because of a complete loss of credibility and in those circumstances you would have expected him to be more penitent and remorseful. He seemed instead to be attempting to use the occasion of resignation to give a fresh start to the over four year old JLP administration," Mr. Bunting said.
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