Cinema release for Ghetta Life Dec 2

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The latest film by Jamaican director, Chris Brown, is coming out in cinemas across the country on 2nd December. The film, whose Executive Producer is ex-World Heavyweight boxing champion, Lennox Lewis, is set in a suburb of Kingston, where each ghetto is under garrison law and run by gun toting gangs under the leadership of ruthless Mafia style 'dons'. Derrick is a talented boxer with a dream of representing his country at the Olympics but the best trainer and gym are in the no-go next door neighbourhood. Although he knows the risks, Derrick decides to 'cross over' in order to pursue his dreams but in doing so puts the lives of those he loves in mortal danger. This is a gritty, shocking, engrossing and ultimately uplifting story of the triumph of human spirit and hope. There's also a superb soundtrack featuring a mix of reggae and dancehall.
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