Beenie Man will not be performing in Miami

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Beenie Man performing on August 10, 2008.

Reacting to a poster circulating on Facebook that suggests that Beenie Man will be performing live at a birthday party event at a club called Euro in Miami, Florida.
 Beenie Man's management team is asking promoters to desist from advertising events suggesting that the artiste will be performing when they know that he has not been granted a work permit.
"The person who is hosting the birthday party is a personal friend of mine and he invited Beenie Man to attend the event, but not to perform. We don't have a work permit, there is no contract, no fees have been paid over. Beenie Man would have made an appearance at the event just to party with the fans and not to perform, so I was upset when I went to a club oevr the weekend and somebody handed me a flyer advertising 'Beenie Man Live' this Friday at Club Euro in Miami. Beenie Man will not be performing at this event," an upset-sounding 'Blue', Beenie Man's manager said in a release.
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