Audley Shaw diagnosed with ear infection and sinusitis

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Finance and Planning Minister, Audley Shaw has been diagnosed with a middle ear infection and sinusitis, according to the latest statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.
Mr. Shaw remained under medical observation late Monday afternoon, after falling ill during the weekly Cabinet meeting.
The mid-morning Cabinet meeting was brought to a halt when Cabinet colleagues reportedly noticed that Mr. Shaw was not looking his usual perky self and rushed him to the Tony Thwaites Wing at the University Hospital.
 Daryl Vaz, the Minister with responsibility for Information said Mr. Shaw should be released shortly and would resume full ministerial duties.
Asked what impact Mr. Shaw's illness would have on the ongoing International Monetary Fund talks, Mr. Vaz said there was no need for panic.
 "Things are proceeding with the IMF team, he met with them this morning. The Prime Minister is carrying the ball in Cabinet.... I don't expect that Minister Shaw will be out for any extended period. I expect a day or two from the laymans point of view and even if he is not in office he will continue to give instructions" said the Information Minister
In October 2008, Mr.  Shaw fell ill during a special meeting with Prime Minister Bruce Golding .
He  had to be rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he was admitted for a few days.
Just days ago Mr. Shaw and his wife hurriedly left the island  on an emergency air ambulance, accompanying his two year old daughter Christiana to Florida, to seek urgent medical attention. Reports are that his daughter who was born with complications of the heart has been suffering recently from respiratory distress.
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