Apple's Steve Jobs dead at 56

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Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who used digital technology to resurrect animated feature films, reshape the music industry and shake up film and television distribution models, died Wednesday. He was 56.
Jobs, a computer genius who, with fellow college dropout Steve Wozniak, built the first Apple computers from the Jobs' family garage, died of complications from pancreatic cancer.
A Buddhist and vegetarian who once handed out bottles of carrot juice to trick-or-treaters, Jobs was diagnosed with the disease in 2004 when he disclosed that doctors had removed a cancerous tumor from his pancreas.
Jobs and Wozniak introduced the Apple II computer in 1977 and took their company public in 1980, an event that made Jobs a multimillionaire able to set his sights on conquering the entertainment industry. He succeeded by turning Pixar into what is arguably the most consistent film studio in history and by becoming the largest shareholder of Disney, the industry's most iconic company.
Born in San Francisco on Feb. 24, 1955, to an unmarried couple, Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs. As early as high school, Jobs was plotting a course that included the creation of world-changing products leading to personal fame and fortune. Along the way, he feuded with some of the most powerful men in the fields of technology and entertainment, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, longtime Disney CEO Michael Eisner and even The Beatles
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