PM to address the nation on Sunday

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Daryl Vaz, the Minister with responsibility for Information, says Prime Minister Bruce Golding will be addressing a range of issues in his national broadcast to the nation at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 2.
"We can look forward to the Prime Minister addressing the nation on Sunday (when) he will speak about the issue of the transition and the critical issues facing the country that we're all aware of," Mr. Vaz said.
The Information Minister also disclosed that the Prime Minister has been receiving commendations from international partners for his leadership over the four years.
"The Prime Minister has received a number of personal calls to him from high ranking members of governments around the world and also financial and multilateral institutions commending him on the way that he has operated and handled the government's affairs in his four years and looks forward to continued good close working relationships with the Government of Jamaica," Mr. Vaz stated.
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