Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant

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The Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant was founded in Washington, DC by Husband and Wife team, Ron and Deloris Dickerson.. Mostly Deloris, Ron helped out a little bit. The 1st show was held at Club 55 in the summer of 1993. It was an instant success. It has over the years become something of a cult classic with people coming to see the show from all over the world. Ok, back to the beginning.. The concept for the pageant was created as Ms. Deloris and Ron were watching a Miss America Pageant.  Already having been in the Gentlemen's Club business for well over 20 years, Ms. Deloris had a vision of emulating that show, but with a twist. She decided to create a production, very similar to that show but allowing the ladies to be a little more creative in their dance moves and closing the show with a giant BANG!! The last category of the pageant was going to be TOTALLY NUDE. How cool is that?

The 1st production of the show featured 15 young ladies of African American Decent showcasing their swimwear, Evening Gowns and Lingerie. The categories of Talent and Totally Nude rocked the overflow crowd out of its seats and a yearly show was born.

During the ensuing years, several high profile television shows featured The Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant. The most popular of all was HBO. HBO actually filmed the show live in DC but also traveled with the show for many years to its other home, Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.. Just a side bar about Hedonism II, It's the best damn place on earth. Sorry, back to my story. The Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant has been featured at Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica for the past 17 years, only missing one year. It's always hosted by our trusted DJ & MC, "Mr. E" who also is one of the producers of the show. It is a staple for the last week of September. Visitors from all over The United States, Europe and Canada make their way to Hedo II the last week of September, every year to witness first hand, this fabulous show. 2011 will be no different, so if you know like we know, be wicked for a week along with the ladies of  Club 2046  and join us for a most exciting week of fun and delicious activities.

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