J'can remanded in Canada on prostitution charges

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A Jamaican man described as a pimp and listed as one of Canada's most-wanted fugitives is scheduled to appear in court, after he was remanded on Wednesday, September 7.
Canadian police say Walford Uriah Steer, 39, an illegal immigrant from Jamaica, with 76 convictions, often travelled from Toronto to Montreal, befriended young girls at bus and train stations, then allegedly forced them into a life of prostitution.
On Wednesday, Mr. Steer answered charges related to his arrest last week, for allegedly trying to pimp a 16-year-old girl.
He has been charged with procuring for the purpose of prostitution, exercising control, and living off the avails of prostitution.
His case was adjourned until Thursday, September 8, when his lawyer will be able to attend court.      
Mr. Steer was deported in 1999 for criminality, and then snuck back into Canada, in 2000, allegedly using fake identification.
He filed a failed refugee claim as well as appeals, in an attempt to remain in Canada.
Mr. Steer was the subject of a nationwide manhunt that ended after he and 31 others had their identities posted online by the Canada Border Services Agency, which has been seeking the public's help in bagging the fugitives.
Three suspects, including Steer, were arrested.
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