Denroy Morgan, Reggae Singer, Arrested With 25 Pounds of Pot in Car

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Detectives recovered more than 300 pounds of marijuana Wednesday afternoon in the Bronx.
Jamaican reggae veteran Denroy Morgan was arrested on Wednesday after blowing through a stop sign in the Bronx, New York. But his traffic violation -- he also wasn't wearing a seat belt -- was only the tip of the iceberg, according to police reports.
After police pulled him over, the smell of marijuana in the car led nearby narcotics investigators -- in the area on an unrelated matter -- to drop by. After some questioning, Morgan admitted he had marijuana in the trunk. Two bags weighing 25 pounds were discovered and the singer, the first Reggae artist signed to RCA Records, was arrested and charged with possession and driving without a seat belt.
According to the Daily News, Morgan showed up at the arraignment wearing a "blue camouflage outfit with a white porkpie hat." He was being held in lieu of $8,000 bail and its unclear if he remains behind bars.
Morgan's career peaked in the mid-1980s with reggae-disco hits like "I'll Do Anything for You" and his RCA album, "Make My Day." His latest album, "Link Up to Ethiopia," was released July 14, according to his website.
Morgan's arrest actually set in motion a much larger pot bust in the Bronx.
Investigators who had allegedly seen the singer leave a house with the bags returned to the location, where they arrested a man named Wayne Swavy (officially, for not wearing his seat belt). He had 16 pounds in his car. After obtaining a search warrant, an investigation of the house turned up an enormous 310-pound stack of marijuana bricks, estimated to have been worth between $140,000 to $350,000, depending on its potency.
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