Barons Plaza to be demolished

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The Barons Plaza on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, which houses more than 37 stores, is to be demolished.
Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, says the owners of the building have committed several violations.
The Mayor, who made the announcement at a KSAC meeting, on Tuesday said the council exhausted all channels and there will be no more discussions with the owners of the plaza.
Meanwhile, the owner of Barons Plaza, Baron Stephens, said the only form of communication from the KSAC was a stop order. The order was served for the stoppage of work on a section of the structure.
 "There was no correspondence from the KSAC as it relates to  any other aspect of the structure.  So this comes as a surprise and if the court process was pursued, there is no documentation  our side and if the demolition order was granted there is no documents from our  side either" said Mr. Stephens.
The Mayor did not say when the demolition exercise will begin.
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