Why I-Octane, Khago, Ray Alexander & Capleton inna mix up?

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We haffi ask again and again why the Rasta dem cyan live good? All a dem people deh - Capleton, I-Octane, Ray Alexander & Khago - have one ting in common, all a dem a Ras. But dem nuh stop bun fire pon dem one anodder.
From Sumfest come and gone Bankeylous have Khago a parade him all over the media and talk bout how I-Octane bad mind. And Khago all call up I-Octane manager, Ray Alexander, name inna one interview pon Irie FM. Then Capleton jump pon di phone and say I-Octane a charge him $400,000.00 fi perform pon him charity show, 'A St Mary Mi Come From'. Then Ray Alexander go put out big article inna Star how a business him a defend. And if Capleton a charge di people dem fi come inna the venue, den him haffi charge a money fi him artiste.
But a coulda what kina foolishness that. Don't Shaggy charge all $20,000.00 fi people go inna him show and still all de artiste dem work fi free? How else the people dem a go get money fi do dem charity work unless dem charge a di gate?
But we notice say dem quick fi jump pon Capleton and a demand apology, but all now dem no say a word bout the tingz dem wha Khago a talk up.
Anyway, all we know is that di Ras dem fi try live good. After all, Capleton show claim to be 'celebrating unity' this year. We haffi go a Gray's Inn August 5 go see if all hell a go bruk loose or if di Ras dem a go keep it real.
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