The Daily Word

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I enfold myself and all beings in peace.

The commandment to love "your neighbor as yourself" is a reminder to me that my "neighbor" is not only the person living next door. My neighbor is every living being in the world. Just as I want my life to be peaceful, I want the same for my neighbors everywhere.

I may not have the authority to sign peace treaties or the power to stop war, but I do have the power of prayer and of love. When I see images of troubled people or unfortunate events in the world, I send thoughts of love, peace, comfort and understanding to all involved. It is up to me to love, to envision peace, and to believe in the power of prayer. As I do these things, I am an agent of change, an agent of peace.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart ... and your neighbor as yourself.--Luke 10:27
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