Lindsay Lohan to Endorse an Anti-Cheating Website

No Comments has extended an offer to Lindsay Lohan to endorse their anti-cheating website in the hopes that it will improve her image.
The Websites slogan is "Fight Infidelity: Post a Known Cheater Now!" which is supposed to blacklist all cheaters and promote fidelity in relationships.
The company is approaching Lindsay in the hopes that it might clean up her bad girl image. Lindsay hasn't been known as a "cheater," moreso for her "party behavior" and run-in's with the law, but who likes being cheated on? Nobody right? Hey, let's endorse not cheating, why not?
Well actually, Lindsay was the victim of infidelity. She claims her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson cheated on her back in 2010. Lindsay was publicly outraged as she tweeted extensively about it saying, "Being cheated on does wonders to you. I'm doing this publicly because u&ur friends call [US magazine] People. So you win, you broke my heart. Now go away. I loved you."
She also vented, "And stop staying in the room below me, you've woken me and my mother up. Go to bed. Keep cheating - u win," Lohan tweeted.
Who better than to endorse that LiLo especially since their tagline is "don't go down without a fight!"
She's also being paid $25,000 for the endorsement. Part of Lindsay's contract is she must appear at one event and record a :30 second PSA about why Cheating is wrong.
Lindsay's already dabbled in PSA's with her parody eHarmony profile PSA, so this should be a no-brainer.'s CEO James A. McGibney writes in the offer, "I'm extending this offer not only because we are huge fans, but because we would like to help bring your image into a "better light."
He says "is an anti-cheating site designed to help people know what they are getting into when starting a new relationship. It's also used by millions of people who want to expose a known cheater to the world."
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