Lena British speaks about Priceless Riddim and having a baby

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This is no joke, and in fact, Lena British herself could not be more serious. Dancehall's best loved style diva and entrepreneur is now flexing with the big boys as she puts on her producer's hat and gets busy in the studio.
Although some might be tempted to view Lena as a dancehall socialite, under all that glamour lies a sharp business acumen, which has seen her running a successful hair salon and other ventures. Now, with her foray into music production she combines two of her loves - business and music.
Lena British, however, is no stranger to the ins and outs of reggae/dancehall music, having been involved at various levels, whether as stylist, designer,  model or promoter. Her newest venture will see her being totally involved in creating music from start to finish.
"I have always had an ear for good music," Lena explained, adding  that over the years she has developed a keen sense of what can work and what can't.
She is being ably assisted into this production venture by producer, Jam 2, who has long admired Lena's professionalism in the dancehall. It is that same level of professionalism which Lena British brings to this project. Having listened to a number of riddims from Jam 2, Lena has selected one which she is confident is the most workable. She has named it the Priceless Signature Riddim.
"It's a top-a-top riddim with only top-a-top artistes," is how Lena describes her project.
She, however, denied to name out the artistes on the riddim, as she says, that will spoil the surprise.
"But it's all good," she assured. "Positive, uplifting lyrics and to match a riddim with a lot of swag .... It's Priceless," she emphasized.
There is no end to the mystery that is Lena British. When asked if music production was a dream come true for her, without blinking or missing a beat, she said calmly, "No ... it's not. Having a baby would be a dream come true."
The Priceless Signature riddim is set to debut in the next few weeks.
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