Khago, I-Octane and Teflon meet up round a Capleton

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Big meeting keep round a Capleton yard with Khago, I-Octane and Teflon. Everybody say wha dem fi say fi try squash the war that a brew. But it doan look like things a go get any better.
All a di man dem still have up tingz inna dem heart and the friendship nah go can build back so easy. We hear Khago talk how much him and I-Octane was friend from long time, and fi real, Octane shoulda did show more love towards di yute when him ting rise up.
But dat is in di past, Khago and Teflon need fi sort out dem owna ting now that dem set the record straight and Jamaica people hear how di ting really go.
And all a di people dem who a try stop Khago career fi pudding di almshouse. And we a talk management, radio disc jocky, so-called friend, producer and promoter. We know say Khago have a big stumbling block inna him path cause some people doan want fi deal wid some of the people who have the last say inna him career, but Khago haffi go know how him a go deal with dat.
Is either management haffi go change dem tactics and way of dealing wid people or Khago haffi go shift up him ting.
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