Kartel Teacha's Pet show look like one big Rampin' Shop

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So far, the girl dem inna Kartel reality show Teacha's Pet look like dem a have bare fun and games wid di Teacha. It look like say a one big romping shop uppa di mansion deh and one pundit predict say dat by di end a di show all a di 'pet' dem a go pregnant fi di Teacha. 
Well, one a dem get eliminate already and she did look flexible bad. We see her pon one video a gwaan like say she a go-go and all dese tings. But dem say di Teacha did done sort she out already and she did a get inna di way so she did haffi get run.
All Milk we see uppa mansion deh, but Kartel say she a di assistant Teacha. Don't ask we what that mean cause we don't know
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