Jah know Wah Wa

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How so much preeings ah gwaan inna the industry? Wah Wa hype up pon man inna parking lot and get beating but dem say ah long time the beating shoulda gwaan because him ah style the dads. How yu fi style the man who mek the world know yu as a J.O.P selector? How when the man bb and ah ask if ah Gaza yu say, yu send back a 'music mi say' when just a few months before yu get the visa, ah straight J.O.P yu did a say? That mean say yu lose yu way especially since nobody never violate yu fi yu behave da way de. Some people caan handle fame, dem caan handle success and dem nuh know how fi talk to people. The streets dem a say all Ryno go get involved inna the argument now because him waan defend Wah Wa. How that drop in? Don't dem say Ryno friend dem knock out Boom Boom the other day so how him waan defend this? Bwoy, dem music people ya ah real comedian

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